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List of Students Included in the UPCAT Mass Prayers held in Italy


The UPCAT Mass was held last Aug 1 & 2, 2009 in Siracusa, Italy for the successful UPCAT exam of the following students:

1.  Alexis Louise Vicente Diego
2.  Giselle Lingcon
3.  Gia Mendoza
4.  Paulo Edillor
5.  Gabi Mendoza
6.  Den Banaag
7.  Arielle Juanito
8.  Gia Uy
9.  Samantha Uy
10.  Mia Banson
11.  Mic Villamayor
12.  Patricia Lapena
13.  Marylaine Padlan
14.  Nikki Payawal
15.  Marie De Guzman
16.  rkvillaceran
17.  merjatlaca
18.  Ma. Cristina T. Gonzales
19.  Ma. Lorena B. Fabiaña
20.  Nikki Recasata
21.  Marcel Villanueva & HSAM students
22.  sjerliveclare & OLOPSCians
23.  Samantha Javier
24.  Gyleen Elegio
25.  Tiffany Go
26.  Krystel Caballo
27.  Francis Pedro and CCCians
28.  Jodesz Alysa H. Gavilan and her batchmates from Saint Anthony Academy Of Quezon City
29.  Mae Christine T. Padua
30.  Mabel Montaniel
31.  Elleia Corinne B. Barcelon and all StPaul College of Pque students
32.  Shiena Semfuego
33.  Khrystian Hidalgo
34.  Mae Eleazar
35.  Gerard Lim
36.  Danica Echalas
37.  Rosell Villariba
38.  Karla Mae Antonio
39.  Jenica Patricia Olaivar
40.  Basil Andres of IHMC
41.  Ysa Parungao
42.  Elijah Shaquille Raymundo
43.  Christy Mae Paimalan and all the senior students from st.paul paque
44.  Via Abellanosa
45.  Cullen Diaz & his classmates
46.  Jericha Cantiller & SSA-B batch 09-10 who will take the exams
47.  Via Abellanosa
48.  seniors of Colegio de Santa Ana
49.  Christine E. Emano and my batchmates from Holy Family School of Quezon City
50.  Ariel Bucsit
51.  Caroline Choa
52.  Angel Santos and her batchmates in Philippine Science High School Southern-Mindanao
53.  Mabinian 4th yr students
54.  Carla Mae Peñacuba & Eunice Santiago
55.  Miyuki Yamada & batchmates from Saint Theresa’s College – Cebu
56.  Alyssa
57.  Janina dl and BATCH 2010 WR SCHOOL
58.  Sonya Sison
59.  Macey Mapanao
60.  Dasma Nat’l High School, SSC batch 2009-2010
61.  UPCAT examinees in balete farm school batangas
62.  Hannah Briones
63.  Janina Raymundo, as well as other Miriam College examinees
64.  Ranz Barron and my classmates in Statefields School Inc
65.  Abigail Baldomar and also my batchmates from Sacred Heart School, Parañaque
66.  Sta. Clara Parish School-Pasay UPCAT takers batch 2009-2010
67.  Rachelle S. Mendoza and her batchmates in DLSL.
68.  The seniors of UST high
69.  Estela Marie Lapastora
70.  Kammille Kate Oseo
71.  Lance Uriel Fajardo Pormarejo
72.  Esperanza Apolinario
73.  Jan Cabigunda
74.  Ana Roble
75.  Samantha Pangan and fellow Miriam College batchmates
76.  Yanna Tengco
77. Gene Fragile Advincula
78.  Marie John Fe Guilalas
79.  Katherine Joy Nuñez
80.  Wilma
81.   Albert Lim

Be a part of the UPCAT Mass next year for 2010 UPCAT Takers.  Write @acadclinic #UPCATmass student name and school in your Twitter account.


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