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Science High School Entrance Exam: Science Portion Tips and Coverage

A wise man once said that it’s important to make one’s life like that of a laser beam.  Philippine Science, Manila Science and Quezon City Science are in the business of developing the “laser beams” (scientists) of tomorrow.  In fact, the first instance where you will see this clearly is in their entrance exams.

The good news is that there’s a pattern to the science portion of the entrance exams—a method to the scientific “madness,” if you will.  If you’re preparing for the tests and you’d like to get an overall picture of what to expect, read on.

The Long and Short of It

If you’ve been paying attention in grade school science, class, then you’re in luck:  you’ll see lots of familiar concepts during the exam.  Basically, expect science high schools to throw biology, chemistry and physics-based questions at you.

In a lot of cases, the questions you’ll encounter on the exam have something to do with familiar, everyday phenomena:  human body processes, the water cycle, moving objects and what not.  Of course, you will also get the “once in a blue moon” kind of questions—think total eclipses, speculations on hypothetical planets, venereal diseases, etcetera.

What?  More Computations?

Don’t lull yourself into a false security by thinking that this is science and not math.  There are still some computation-related questions involved.  For example, you may be given the formula for computing the amount of kinetic energy in a moving object, and then asked to solve for the total amount given a certain amount of speed.

Be sure to have your stock knowledge of simple formulas ready, as some questions will press you for answers without giving you the formulas at all.  They may, for example, tell you that a certain substance has a mass of twenty grams and a volume of one hundred cubic centimeters.

If you’re not familiar with the basic formula for deriving density (mass divided by volume), then you’ll have a trickier time arriving at the correct answer of .2 grams per cubic centimeter.

Visual Stimuli

As with the math section of the exam, the science portion also involves some handy-dandy charts, graphs and diagrams for you to study and draw inferences from.  For instance, a common physics question involves a diagram of a circuit, where your job is to determine the direction of the flow of electricity.

In most cases, the answers to the questions that come with visual aids will be starting you in the face—all you have to do is to look carefully at the pictures, consider the facts and draw your conclusions.  At other times, the answer won’t be so obvious, so you will need to combine observation with stock knowledge then.

Case in point:  you may be shown a picture of a burning candle with a test tube being lowered over it.  Of course, the candle goes out, and the picture doesn’t say outright that the act of lowering the test tube over the candle has effectively snuffed out the oxygen supply.

A Final Word

The science section may be less on computation and more on common sense than the math section, but don’t let your guard down for a moment.  Pray, keep your mind clear, review your computations and answers, think in a step-by-step fashion, and you’ll do just fine.


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18 thoughts on “Science High School Entrance Exam: Science Portion Tips and Coverage

  1. Hello, thank you for the useful info regarding scinece high schools.
    Do science high schools limit admissions only to residents of their home city? My daughter, who will be in Grade 6 in June 2013, plans to get into Makati Science HS, but we live in Taguig, near Fort Bonifacio. She prefers Maksci because friends say Maksci is better than TagSci or Mandaluyong Science.

    On the entrance exam in Maths, will they be particular with the working steps and solutions? My daughter studied in SG for the last 2 years and is used to the Singapore Math system.


    • Hi. Please visit and go to ‘admissions’. I am a graduate of Maksci and as far as I know we also accept applicants from other cities and places worldwide 🙂 With regard to the entrance exam, it’s a multiplechoice type so solutions are not needed to be written or shown. So no matter what solution she uses, as long as she gets to the right answer she ll b fine

    • Math, Science and English. Better be reviewing now because it’s a great opportunity and it’s really hard to get in there!! You should buy the MSA reviewer for pSHS. By the way, do you have an application form.

      Get ready for a pencil, an eraser and ballpen.

  2. We are here in kuwait and we are palnning to transfer in Manila,my daughter is now in third year.She graduated Valedictorian at the New Kuwait Phil. International School,and a consistent Ist Honor in her class,is there any chance for her to get in to your school as transferee? She studied in Rafael Palma Elementary School from Grades 1 to 3 and was a first honor in her class then.Then transfered to Kuwait and was able to maintain her good status.

    • Hi! Transfer policies vary from school to school; some accept transfer students, some accept only transfer students from “equivalent” high schools and some don’t accept transfer students at all. Please contact the school in which you’re interested to learn about that school’s transfer policies. Good luck, and congratulations for having such a bright daughter! 🙂

      • What about upcoming grade 9 students? My daughter will be gr 9 this school year and i want her to be transferred in Que-Scie, but the problem’s that they might not accept her.. Pls answer 🙂

    • Depende yan sa sci high. May mga sci highs na tumatanggap ng transferees from other schools, may mga sci highs na tumatanggap ng transferees only from other sci highs at may mga sci highs na hindi tumatanggap ng transferees. ^_^

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