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Philippine Science High School Last Day of Application

Today, September 1, 2009, marks the last day of application for the annual Philippine Science High School (PSHS) National Competitive Examination (NCE).  If you haven’t filed your application yet, please do so now.  You have only until today to do that.

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3 thoughts on “Philippine Science High School Last Day of Application

  1. Good day. I have an 11 year old son, Grade 5 student studying in Bohol Wisdom School, Tagbilaran City. Because of the expensive tuition fee, I plan to send him to a boarding school for Science High School after he graduated in elementary. He belongs to the top 10% of their class and top one in Science.

    My concerns are:
    1. When will be the start of application for scholarship for next school year 2012-2013
    2. Can he study in UP Science High School carrying the scholarship if ever he pass? or what particular school can he possibly study?
    3. Are the accommodation and food covered by the scholarship aside from tuition fees?
    4. Can you provide me specifications of benefits if ever my son will become one of your scholars?

    I am really looking forward from your help because I am a single mom and my income is not enough for us. My son is smart and I am trying to provide him the best education as possible.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Ma’am,

      If I understand you correctly and your son is going to be in Grade 6 this June, here are possible options:

      **Your son can apply for admission to the Philippine Science High School. To do so, he must take and pass the PSHS-NCE (Philippine Science High School National Competitive Examiniation). The deadline for application will probably be in August 2012 (check teh PSHS website frequently to be sure) and the exam will probably take place in September 2012. If your son passes the exam, he’ll be one of the few who will get admitted as a Pisay freshman on SY 2013-2014.

      The Philippine Science High School will serve your purposes very well because some of the benefits are:
      · Free tuition fee
      · Free loan of text books
      · Monthly stipend
      · Uniform, transportation and living allowances for low income groups

      **Your son can also apply for admission to the Regional Science High School for Region VII (I believe that’s the Ramon Teves Pastor Memorial Dumaguete Science High School). Regional science high schools have their own entrance test schedules, so be sure to inquire with the school. Regional Science HS students are supposed to have a stipend – but this is not true of all regional science high schools.

      Good luck!

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