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Ateneo Survival Guide: On Facilities Outside of the Ateneo Campus

Despite what people may think, an Atenean’s time isn’t spent entirely on studying.  Students also need to attend to more mundane matters like sleeping, washing their clothes (or having them washed) and taking that occasional breather from the stresses of college life.

If you’re fairly new to the Katipunan area, there are a few places that can help provide these services for you.

Bed, Board and Laundry

For those who prioritize proximity for board and lodging, the most obvious choices would be the Cervini and Eliazo dormitories within the Ateneo campus itself.  On the other hand, if you prefer some space away from the learning institution, there are a bevy of decent alternatives available.

One Burgundy Plaza and Burgundy Place along Katipunan Avenue are but two examples of these.  These are also noted for housing two popular gimmick areas (more on those later).

The other streets near Ateneo also host other places you can stay in.  You can find the likes of Golden Crescent Mansion (Rosa Alvero St.); Eagle Star Condominium and My Place (F. de la Rosa St.); CDM, Sunrise and Casa Baronessa (E. Abada St.); Loyola Heights Condominiums (along the corner of E. Abada and F. de la Rosa) and the new Studio 87 (Xavierville Avenue).

There are still other places you’ll stumble upon when you leave the Ateneo premises.  Besides, available boarding houses usually advertise within the campus and without.  Just keep your eyes peeled.

It helps if you can do your own laundry, but if you’re really stressed out and you need help, there are at least four laundry services nearby:  Rustan’s Supermarket has an Alphinc (or something like that) laundry service inside and a Laundromat nearby.  The Casa Baronessa compound I mentioned above has Laundry 415, while Loyola Heights Condominiums serves as the headquarters for E_Labako and Wash In A Rush.

Entertainment Venues

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many malls in the immediate area (Though there is SM Marikina, if ever you feel like traveling a bit).  If you’re an electronic gamer like I am, you’re in for a treat:  there are several places you can visit for your video gaming needs.

Among the plethora of internet cafes in the area, two of the most noteworthy ones are Hobby Stop (corner of Katipunan and F. de la Rosa, in front of Ateneo Gate 3) and Blue Skies (a short walk away from Hobby Stop along F. de la Rosa).  I’ve noted these two because they offer more than just internet services and games for MMORPG and LAN parties—they sport some next-gen consoles as well (The former has several PS3s.).

If you’re looking for niche establishments that cater to one specific console, however, consider dropping by Frii Spirit (at One Burgundy Plaza) or XBX Interactive (at Burgundy Place) for Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 gaming, respectively.

Finally, if you’re feeling a bit “crabby,” you may also wish to check out a place dubbed Game Crab over at FBR Arcade along Katipunan.  It’s the place to go to for board game fun.

Lots to Go Around

Whether it’s sleeping quarters, or laundry or just plain old entertainment, there’s no scarcity of places to visit around the Ateneo area.  Take the time to tour the surrounding streets when you can.  Who knows?  You may just like what you’ll find.


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