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UPCAT Result: Degree Course with Available Slot

Every person who takes the UPCAT yearns for immediate acceptance into the course of their choice.  This doesn’t always happen, though.  Sometimes, someone gets a notice of a “degree course with available slot.”

What does this mean?  Let’s find out.

The Long and Short of It

In simple terms, it means that you’ve been placed on the waiting list for the course in question.  Note that this doesn’t mean that U.P. has rejected you; you’ve passed the UPCAT and you’re certainly qualified to study in the university.

The hitch is that your score ranking does not qualify you to get into your chosen course immediately.  Should a slot become available later, however, the school will notify you and you can grab it then.

Available Options

Fret not, as there is something you can do.  One option is to take another course—say your second choice—in U.P. while you wait, and then transfer to your first choice if or when a slot becomes available.  This can happen when an applicant who originally made the list decides not to pursue the said course, thus opening it up for you.

You can also do what I did:  I studied in another university (for the meantime) that offered me the same course.  Fortunately, I did well enough on that school’s exam so as not to be wait listed.  Should you decide to go that route, you can always try for U.P. again next time if you’re really crazy about studying there.

Remember:  don’t worry if the door you originally wanted to enter is closed for now.  God always has a way of opening other doors for you.


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15 thoughts on “UPCAT Result: Degree Course with Available Slot

  1. hayy, super a mom po of my son who just took UPCAT n wd all d grace n such, thankfully he passed..but likewise his is DCourse wd Avail slot…wondering if i should drop a call in UPAdmin this early moment even wdout d written confirmation of passing UPCAT yet….really groping!…thanks for anything, if anyone…thanks lot!!!! God speed 🙂

    • Supposedly, your letter from UP should have all the info you need on the steps you must accomplish as a DPAS qualifier. DPAS qualifiers need to confirm their intention to enroll, then they need to choose courses from a list of courses with available slots. According to UP’s freshman confirmation website:

      To all incoming freshmen who have a course that is WAITLISTED or DEGREE PROGRAM WITH AVAILABLE SLOT, please confirm with a valid e-mail address and a valid landline number. If, however, you do not have a landline number, please confirm with a valid mobile number along with a valid e-mail address. Your respective campuses will contact you using those numbers for your course status. Final Course Assignments (Only for DPWS qualifiers and Waitlisters) will be released on March 25, 2013 (Monday).

  2. Hello! Kung nakapasa ako sa computer science ,at mgkaroon ng available slots sa accountancy pwede po ba ko mgrequest na lumipat?or depende po yun sa grade ko? sa diliman po ako pumasa.thank you.

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  4. pwede po ba magtanong? anu po yung closing dates? paano po malalaman kung may free slot yung course na gusto mo? inonotify ka po ba nila? May pag-asa pa rin po ba makuha yung mga courses na unang pinili mo? Ano pong pinagkaiba ng waitlisted sa isang course at DPWAS lang talaga? Prioritized po ba ang mga waitlisted sa kursong yun?

    • Hi Tricia,

      Wala pang binibigay na info ang UP about closing dates. As for degree programs with available slots, UP releases the list of such programs/courses (usually it’s posted at the UP Office of the University Registrar). As for the chance of getting in, it depends on the degree programs/courses you choose to apply for. On the matter of waitlisted candidates, it’s logical to assume that candidates who are deemed to be on the waiting list of a particular course have a higher priority than DPWAS qualifiers.

      I strongly urge you to contact the UP Office of Admissions and the UP Office of the University Registrar (in the UP campus for for which you qualified) to inquire about the closing dates (and important dates) and your options. Good luck!

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  6. What I did last year, when I was considered as DPWS in UP Diliman, was I placed my top 2 choices I put in the UPCAT and I put a third choice, a non-quota choice (I think it was BS Chemistry). What happens, actually, for DPWS qualifiers is, you are allowed to put 3 choices for your course, sort of like the UPCAT. I couldn’t think of other courses I liked, plus I was a DOST scholar so my choices were very limited. What happened eventually was that I was qualified for my first choice in th first batch run of course assignments. I was so happy, and now, I am an incoming 2nd year student of UP Diliman, BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

    P.S. My 3 choices were: BS MBB, BS Biology, and BS Chemistry
    P.P.S. I would advise against doing this if you weren’t totally sure on your results on the UPCAT, as I slightly was.

    • Hello Justin Michaek !!! I put BS MBB as my first choice in my UPCAT Form 1. But i think i can’t get in that course because of my HSWA .. I want to know you more and also about your course… please send me an e-mail message in Facebook ! Thanks a lot !

  7. hello. i’m just wondering kung pa’no if you passed UPCAT den u’re considered as a DPWS. Di ba ang usapan do’n eh slots? What if wala nang slot for you? Anu pong mangyayari? Will you still be qualified for UP or will not be qualified anymore? I’m just a bit nervous and at the same time, confused, about that matter. Hoping for your immediate response. THANKS! 🙂

    • If one can’t get a slot in the course he has selected, then yes, that could be a problem because DPWS means admission conditional to finding a program with available slots. If this happens, though, one should try appealing to the powers at be. Perhaps, if he can find another degree program that could accommodate more students (preferably with a go-signal from the college that administers that program), he can still get admitted. He just has to move fast, of course, to beat the “closing” dates.

      Tip: If it’s nearing the deadline and a slot still hasn’t become available in the degree program you’ve chosen, then you should really try looking for alternative degree programs that have available slots. Finding a degree program (and, of course, a college) that will accept you is key to getting admitted in case of a DPWS UPCAT result.

      Another tip: If you’re DPWS and you are initially asked to choose the courses you prefer to be waitlisted in, be wise about your choice/s. You should choose a course that is relatively less in-demand. If you want to make sure about demand levels, talk to the departments that offer the programs you’re considering.

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