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The Current Most Popular College Courses in the Philippines [2011-2020]


During certain points in the school year, it’s not surprising to see masses of seniors trooping to various university campuses for the purpose of taking their entrance exams.  After all, that’s a major step in being able to attend the college of their choice.

Picking a college to attend is only half of the decision, though.  The other half involves choosing an actual course to pursue.  With the myriad of choices available, how does one narrow things down to a more manageable list?

One strategy is to find out what most college courses people are into these days.  Don’t sweat it, as we’ve compiled a helpful little list for you.  Here they are, in no particular order.

Medical Courses:

The aging population of developed countries, medical tourism and the expansion plans of developing ones have given rise to the increase in demand of health care workers.  According to the Department of Labor and Employment, the manpower request for graduates of health related courses has been steadily increasing by 2.3% yearly.

Nursing: while there seems to be a temporary surplus of nurses in the country, it is expected that the demand for graduates of this course will continue to increase within the next 10 years.

The current top overseas destination of graduate nurses are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Kuwait, United Kingdom, US, Qatar, Taiwan, Ireland and Trinidad and Tobago.

Specialized nurses [operating, ER, anesthetic, scrub, theatre, critical care/ICU, pediatric, cardiac, burn, pediatric, oncology, catheter, and trauma] will also be in demand in European countries like Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Asian countries like Bruniei, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan on the other hand will need Dental Nurses, Chief Nurses, Head Nurses and Nurse Managers.
Other medical workers like Doctors, midwives and Physical therapists will also be in demand in countries like Poland, Belgium, Germany and Singapore.  A more detailed list of countries needing such personnel are listed below:

Medical Doctors: Australia, Korea and Saudi Arabia
Pharmacist, Orthodontists, Pediatric Technologists: Saudi Arabia and USA
Medical Technologists: Saudi Arabia, USA and New Zealand
Physical/Occupational Therapists: USA
Speech Therapists: USA
Optometrists: Oman
Male Dieticians: KSA, Qatar and UAE
Dental Lab/Dental Assts: KSA, Qatar and UAE
Medical Technicians (Bio‐Medical, Anesthetics, Laboratory, Respiratory, Emergency, Medical Gas and Medical Records): Saudi Arabia and Qatar
Microbiologists: Saudi Arabia
Caregivers: Israel, Japan, UK, Switzerland, Taiwan Belgium, Libya Macau


The growing lack of skilled educators in developed countries has also sparked the rush towards education courses.  Specially needed are elementary, secondary, science, math, physical education and childcare teachers, professors and lecturers in KSA, Libya, Seychellles, Macau, US and South Korea.

Culinary Arts and Hotel & Restaurant Management:

The rise of tourism as part of the development plan of quite a number of countries here in Asia, the Middle East and some parts of Europe has also catalyzed the demand for Chefs, tour guides, hotel mangers and other tourism related workers.  Demand for skilled workers in this area has been increasing steadily by a factor of 3.5% yearly for the past 5 years garnering a total of 160,300 manpower requests from several countries.
Top destination countries of graduates of these courses are Libya, Kuwait, UAE, CNMI, Oman, KSA, UAE, Korea, Macau, Singapore and Romania.

Banking and Finance Courses:

The increasing inter-connectedness of the global economy as well as the growth of the global financial market has also increased the demand for graduates of banking and finance graduates.  Of special mention in this category are Accounting Clerks, Bookkeepers, Auditors, Cashiers, Credit Card Analysts, Finance Analyst/Specialists, Accountants (Account Officer, Analyst), and Risk Management Officers.  These workers are in demand in developing countries and financial centers such as Libya, Kuwait, Singapore and Switzerland.

Engineering Courses:

Projects regarding megacities construction in the middle east, plans to increase manufacturing capacity, and the rise of renewable energy have all resulted to the shortage of skilled engineers worldwide.  The last 5 years alone have seen 256,000 manpower requests from different countries.  The demand for engineering graduates has been steadily increasing by 2.5% yearly.
Engineering Graduates of the following fields are poised to take advantage of this global demand:

  1. Civil Engineering: Structural, Design, Safety, Planning and Contract
  2. Electrical Engineering: Manufacturing, Construction and Renewable energy
  3. Mechanical Engineering: manufacturing, real estate and renewable energy
  4. Mining Engineering: Mining
  5. Geodetic Engineering: Mining and real estate
  6. Metallurgical Engineering: Mining
  7. Chemical Engineering: Manufacturing
  8. Industrial Engineering: Manufacturing

Top Destination countries are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Macau, Belgium, Germany, Norway and the USA.


A particularly interesting development in the most popular college courses based on global demand is in relation to cyberservices.  Demand for skilled workers in this industry has been increasing rapidly at about 6.4% yearly which is more than twice the other courses.  The last 5 years alone has seen more than 400,000 requests for manpower both locally and internationally.

In demand workers under this category are:

Creative Industries

  1. Broadcast Engineer
  2. Video Editor
  3. Video Graphic Artist (Animators)
  4. Visual Artist Designer
  5. 3D modelers
  6. 3D Artist
  7. 3D Animators
  8. Flash Animators
  9. Animation Artist
  10. Clean-Up Artist
  11. In-between Artist/In-betweener
  12. Clean-Up Art Checker
  13. In-between Checker
  14. Animation Checker
  15. Web Designer
  16. Multimedia Artist
  17. Library builder
  18. Layout artist
  19. 2D digital animator
  20. Graphic Assistants


  1. Java Programmers
  2. Oracle Developers
  3. Web Developers
  4. IT Programmers
  5. Software Development
  6. Computer Programmers
  7. Developer (Software, Web)
  8. IT/Information Technology (MIS Developer, Platform Engineer)
  9. Specialist (Learning Solution, System and Technical Support)
  10. Systems Analyst


  1. Accountant (Back Office Processing)
  2. HR Outsourcing Specialist (Back Office Processing)
  3. Call Center Agent
  4. Medical Transcription Editor
  5. Medical Transcription
  6. Financial Accountants
  7. Technical Support Engineers
  8. Autocad Operators
  9. Legal Researchers
  10. Legal Analysts

Top Destination Countries of the graduates of these courses are:  Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Singapore, Australia and US.

It’s All Up to You

Hopefully, I’ve gotten the gears in your mind turning.  Now that you have a more manageable list to refer to, your next order of business is to reconcile your needs and wants with what the world needs and wants.

We’ll talk a little bit more about that in another article, though.  For now, keep in mind that this list will only applicable for so long.  The world and its preferences are constantly changing, and consequently, its most popular courses will change along with it.

Source: Project JobsFit of DOLE


While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides. has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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113 thoughts on “The Current Most Popular College Courses in the Philippines [2011-2020]

  1. Computer science po ang course ng anak 2nd year collage na po sya sa PCU dis coming school year bkit wla po sa list ang PCU pwd mag grant schoolarship sa univ. & colleges

  2. Hello…i recently graduated last april,i couldn’t enrol ths june coz of some financial reason..i hope im able to enrol ths coming 2nd semester bt still undecided wht course im going to take up..

  3. I’m now a 4th year high school gusto ko maging pilot, but I’m not sure if I will pursue my dream because I changed my decision if I can handle those problems

  4. Hello po 🙂 3rd year highschool po ako at tinanong ako ng tatay ko kung aling course ang gusto kong kukunin……..ang problema ay hindi ko alam kung anung kukunin ko!!! 🙁 noon ay gusto ko maging teacher pero average lamang ang mga grades ko……..gusto ko rin maging musician pero kunting gitara lamang ang alam ko…..gusto ko rin mag-culinary arts at fine arts..

    pero sabi ng parents ko na mas maganda na mag OT o PT daw ako dahil sa lakas ng mga kamay ko…pero hindi ko masyadong alam kung ano yan…. TULONG PO…HINDI AKO MAKA-DECIDE 🙁

  5. Ano po bang magandang course? 4th year high school na po ako. Vet.Med po ang gusto kong kuhanin kaso nasasaktan ako pag nasasaktan din yung mga gagamutin ko. 1 month na lng po exams na sa mga napili kong Universities for Vet.Med. Di ko pa po sure kung ayun na talaga. Pero pet lover naman ako. Ano pa po bang magandang course na pwede kong kuhain? Help me please 🙁 Di po ako makapag decide. Thank you po

    • mahirap talaga mag decide kung anung course ang kukunin sa college kasi ito ung nakasalalay sa future mo first, you should consider your personal Interest kung saan ka masaya. Second, in demend ba ung course na kukunin mo? Makakapag trabaho ka ba sa course na pinili mo? Future dapat ang isipin mo when you decide a course. Try to search kng anu talaga ang Vet. Med. try to email me if you want some email add

  6. Hello everyone!! My name is Cris Edward Gepullano and I’m currently a 1st Year college student taking up accounting technology, but I am planning to shift course nest semester, so I need help to decide what course I’m going to shift to. I want to be a lawyer one day, but the problem is I don’t know the best course to take. I am very interested in topics relating to history and politics, and I’m also pretty good in English. Anyone please help, I need advice, badly.

  7. If you really want the course then there’s no imposibilities that it might get you hard. Im 4th year hs. And i decide to take the course of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. There’s many negative comments from my family in that course. Actually, I also want to take BS Architecture. But what i really want is to read, think and to write so i will go for journalism :))

  8. hi! 5 days before graduation but still i haven’t decided yet what course to take up. I have many choices. some of this are suggestions from friends, parents and some are mine. MedTech, Chemical Eng. Education, PMA’r, Accountancy. help guys..:)

  9. … yes ur all riqht its hard to find course that u cn really sure to urself that u cn finish it especially to those who have that money to support their studies unlike us … lookinq for scholarship pa pra mkapaq_aral at anq masakit kailnqn tlaqa mmili para sure na macaqraduate para d msyanqan anq opportunity that have been qiven i wnt to tke optical technoloqy but unfortunately i cant just becoz i cant avail my scholrshp if i will choose that course so that i have to choose course na nandoon sa school kunq saan k unq scholarship ,,, i rather choose industrial enqeneerinq but somewhat i am not cpable on illustratinq …. ahai what should i do? i have to refr on what had been offerinq///

  10. hmmmmf……..gusto ko puh sanang magflight attendant kaso ala puh kaming pera pra dun…….pwede puh bang mgsuggest puh kau ng course na indemand sa 2017…………pls puh

  11. hi! I’m Joanna Dalida. I’m now a 4th year h.s. Alam naman po natin na ang Nursing & HRM ang pinka maraming course na kinukuha. aaahhhmm… anu po bang mai susugest nio na mga indemand po na courses… I’m planning po kc na kumuha ng Vet. Med. except with that what can you suggest in choosing a course.
    please po..
    thank you:)

    • Hi! I am a 2nd yr vetmed student. Marami nadin nagttake ng vet med ngayun. like sa school namin we have 3 blocks na, unlike these last years. Though dumadami na ang vetmed students just go for it if you really have the passion. Another thing, madami vetmed students sa umpisa pero habang tumatagal kumokonti kami, kasi yung iba hindi ganoon yung love nila for what they are doing 🙂 Remember, VetMed will take you 6 years studying then Two exams (before 3rd yr and before 5th yr) na kapag naibagsak ang isa ay goodbye na 😀 Goodluck!

      • Hello po! Saang school po kayo nag-aaral ng VetMed? Incoming 4th Year Highschool student po kasi ako and kailangan ko ng makapagdecide ng kukunin na course. Gusto ko po yung VetMed 🙂 Sana meron pong university na ito lang sa manila na nagooffer ng course na to 😀

      • Hi po. Maganda po ba ang VetMed? Kasi po Im a accountancy student pero gusto ko po magshift ng VetMed. Hindi ko naman kasi talaga choice na i-take ang accountancy e.

    • hmm ako galing na ng nursing pero nag shift ng computerscience kase di ko hilig ung nursing. kasi ung dad ko nurse sa u.s ang laki daw talaga ng sweldo ng nurse doon pero sabi ko na di ko hilig ang nursing kaya ako nag shift pero sa comsci ang hirap ang daming math !!!!.. ma i suggest ko na course saiyo ay international studies , accountancy or medtech yan ang ma suggest ko .. pero kung san ka hilig at gusto mo na course doon ka .. 🙂

      • diba po sa engineering hndi naman lahat math naghalo ang drawing at ang math???? tama po ba or dipendi sa engineering na kukunin???

  12. hello gudam natapos kona angcaregiver course pero dipako kuntento gusto ko magaral pa kse caregiver lang natapos ko. anu paba ang mga related na course except nursing and midwifry?????? thank you po godbless:)

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