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UPCAT Help: Resources for UPCAT Test Takers

Does the prospect of taking the UPCAT make you anxious?  If so, that’s understandable.  It is, after all, one of the most challenging entrance exams around.  Add that to the fact that thousands of students are also vying for a lost in the state university, and you’ve got a bit of competition on your hands.

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone.  There are plenty of people and things out there that can help you pass that test and land a coveted slot in the state university.

Online Assistance

Students know that one of the best ways to pass any exam is to prepare for it as a group.  Besides forming a study group with your friends or classmates, there are other helpful groups you can join online.  For starters, go to Yahoo or Google and type out “UPCAT” in the search box.  You’ll come across a plethora of support groups for that entrance exam alone.

The interesting thing to note is that some review institutions who offer review sessions in the flesh also do so online.  If you need advice from people “who’ve been there, done that,” you’ll also find a lot of resources on the Internet.  Forums like Pinoy Exchange ( offer a lot of healthy (and not-so-healthy) discussions on the UPCAT and how to prepare for it.

Some blogs and community sites may offer helpful advice, too, such as Mukamo (, Dine Racoma’s blog (, Friendster UP communities, and of course the very blog you’re reading right now.

Offline Assistance

The Internet isn’t the only place where you can get help.  Quite a few are offering review and tutorial services “in the flesh”.  You can look them up online or through flyers given outside your school.  Some even offer this service for free, such as StarBox Tutorials, Music and Language Institute (call Ralph at 0921-966-46-74) in Dasma.  The only catch is that your grade average must be at least 85% and you need to bring your own module.

If you’d rather gain the “home court advantage” by getting tutorials from former students, there are alumni organizations who cater to particular regional niches.  For example, the UP Ibalon Bicol Association ( holds seminars in Naga City and posts its resources on the Internet.

A Final Word

If you’re not sure which way is best, do a little research and ask around.  Do note that different people have different opinions regarding what the best way to prepare is, however.

For example, some say going to review centers helps boost your confidence.  Others maintain that you’re better off spending money on the NCEE booklets available at National Bookstore.

Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to learn from the experiences of others.  Who knows?  You may find a free, informal review session in your area that may be just as good, if not better, than the pricey ones out there.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that investing in these methods will only actualize what is already there.  It’s the grace of God and the mettle of the students themselves that ultimately make the difference.


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