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Manila Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule

Being one of the members in the science high school triumvirate, Manila Science (henceforth referred to as MaSci) joins its peer institutions in training promising young scientists of tomorrow.

While qualifying for MaSci is a challenge in itself, the interesting thing to note is that MaSci’s application process is somewhat reminiscent of QueSci’s, only with some modifications here and there.  Let’s take a closer look at it.

MaSci Application Process Facts

The document requirements are fairly straightforward:  a couple of 1 x 1 ID photos with your name tag on them, a certified true copy of your report card (aka Form 138) complete with a seal, and written certification from your school’s principal vouching for your good moral character.

This is where it gets tricky:  MaSci is looking for students with at least an average of 85% in English, Science and Mathematics, and an average of at least 83% in all other subjects.  I cannot stress the importance of this enough—fall short in this area and you’re disqualified from applying, even if you pass the entrance exam.

MaSci Important Dates

November 2009-January 2010:  estimated application period for school year 2010-2011

a Saturday of mid-January, 2010; 8 a.m.-12 nn, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m:   estimated testing date for entrance exam, school year 2010-2011

March 2010:   estimated posting of exam results

As this is a science high school, expect the entrance test to focus heavily on the hard sciences (Science and Mathematics) and English.  Even when you pass the exam, don’t think that the process is all over—you’ll still need to go through an interview and a medical examination afterward.  MaSci will only announce the dates for the latter two after you pass the initial screening.

Intriguingly, it’s possible to skip the entrance test altogether—IF you belong to the crème de la crème of your particular elementary school.  That is, depending on the size of your grade school, you’ll need to be either the top dog or among the top 3 graduates in order to qualify for this “freebie.”

Another catch is that you’ll still need to take a diagnostic exam when MaSci deems it necessary.  You’re also supposed to let the school know that you really wish to apply there before the end of March 2010.  Otherwise, you’ll forfeit your chance.

Download Links and Then Some

If you’d like to check out the application form, just click on this link for it.  On the other hand, this link will allow you to download a copy of the school agreement.  In the event that you’re having trouble with the above links, go to this page and try downloading them from there.

MaSci has put up a convenient page where Internet surfers can check out its the latest entrance exam results.  It currently has the 2009 results posted on it, so if you’re applying for school year 2010-2011, check back sometime March of next year.

Got Further Inquiries?

For the most recent, up-to-date information, I highly recommend that you give the MaSci staff a call at (02) 525-6197.  Try calling sometime around November 2009, as more detailed information with respect to the 2010-2011 process should be out by that time.

Alternatively, you may also drop by the MaSci campus itself during office hours (8 a.m – 4 p.m.), as the school also tends to post exam results and other information on its various bulletin boards.  The school grounds are located along Taft Avenue, corner Padre Faura Street, Ermita, Manila.

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Please be advised. Thank you.

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38 thoughts on “Manila Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule

  1. Jan 26, 2015


    Good day.

    Please update me on the entrance examination schedule and time for my son application for H.S.

    How can I have new application form?

    Thanks a Lot,

    Laura Aragon

  2. My son is in grade 7 now i want to transfer him in manila science next year,do you accept grade 8 students transferee? When is your schedule for entrance exam for next year?

  3. gud am! ask ko lang po kung kelan ang entrance exam for the school year 2012-2013 Para po sa high school student. Pls. reply? Tnx.

  4. am ask ko lang ho kung kailan ung test para sa darating na 2011 to 2012????

    at ask ko na rin ho kung pwede pa mag entrance exam ang mga 2nd year?????

    tsaka ho pakipost na lang ho pls. kung meron pang entrance exam para sa 2010 2011 class???
    sasabihin ko na lang sa iba pag nalaman ko


  5. am ask ko lang kung may test pa para sa mga 2nd year para sa mga d nakapagtest???

    kasi ho late po namin nalaman na may test

    at kung pwede pa pong mag test sa ngayun pls.. post it

    para po masabi ko rin sa iba thanksssssssss

  6. hi ma’am,

    we wish to apply at MacSci but we still have no form 138 since we’re still at grade 6, we only have grade 5 report card. were only grade 6 right now and studying at public school.

    thank you and god bless, immediette reply will be appreciated,

  7. hi ma’amm

    me and my twin sister would like to apply at MaSci, we are at grade 6 right now and no form 138 to present.we only have our grade 5 report card, can you accept that form? were from public school and wishes to enroll there.

    thank you and g

  8. mam inquire lng po pd p po b enroll para s review grade 6 po ako ngaun gsto ko po mag review skul nio. tnx po

    • Hi Van,

      Di kasi kami nagpapa-review. Meron kaming free review materials, but they’re for UPCAT (and that’s about it). Pero marami namang review centers eh, so di ka mahihirapan makahanap ng review center. Good luck! 🙂

    • The exam usually takes place in January while the entrance exam application period usually opens in November of the preceding year. In other words (and if this year’s schedule follows the norm), the application period should start around November 2010 and the exam should take place in January 2011. I’m sorry I could not give you more detailed info; the MaSci website is down (and has been down for months already).

      For information “straight from the horse’s mouth” so to speak, please call MaSci directly. Use the contact information indicated in the above article. 🙂

    • Hi Celine,

      As only passers of the MaSci exam may enroll this year, if you did not take that exam, it is probably already too late for you to get into MaSci now. April is usually Manila Science High School’s month for incoming freshmen interviews. Nevertheless, you may go to MaSci or call (02) 525-6197 to inquire directly with a school administrator. Hope this helps.

  9. kailan ilalagay sa internet yung mga pangalan ng mga nakapasa sa Manila Science?
    Hindi kami makapunta kasi masyadong malayo eh….
    maraming salamat po

    • Hi Anyha,

      Sorry, MaSci’s website seems to be down (and has been for a while now). You need to get someone to check the results posted at the Manila Science High School campus.

  10. I just want to confirm if the application process is still ongoing,it’s still January anyway, I can’t access the website of Masci,

    I hope to hear from you guys soon.
    Thanks very much.

  11. you won’t receive your exam schedule if you haven’t applied yet..you need to submit requirements first before they give you the application form and then your examination permit! ^_^

    and dominic, i think i have read somewhere that a committee will decide if he or she is worthy, and after all..it is a public school paid for the government ain’t it? and every student there is a scholar if i’m not corrected…

  12. you won’t receive your exam schedule if you haven’t applied yet..you need to submit requirements first before they give you the application form and then your examination permit! ^_^

  13. Hello…Good Morning, can you help me? i have some queries:
    1. exact schedule for the Jan. 2010 exam?
    2. deadline for the submission of the application?
    3. are we allowed to take the exam if we are manila born but now we are residing in Cavite?

    Thanks in advance….

    God Bless.

  14. Good morning, some queries po:
    1. meron na po bang exact schedule for the entrance exam this Jan 2010?
    2. kelan po ang deadline for the submission of application?
    3. puwede po bang mag exam ang manila born but now residing in Cavite? and
    4. quote ko lang po yung question ni marcie “can non-manila residents apply?”

    Please help me….

    Thanks in advance…

  15. Good morning, some queries po:
    1. meron na po bang exact schedule for the entrance exam this Jan 2010?
    2. kelan po ang deadline for the submission of application?
    3. puwede po bang mag exam ang manila born but now residing in Cavite? and
    4. quote ko lang po yung question ni marcie “can non-manila residents apply?”

    Thanks in advance…

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  17. are students outside of metro manila welcome to apply? my niece is studying in bulacan and her parents wish for her to apply at masci in time for next school year.

    • Hi marcie!

      I talked to a MaSci alumnus and he said that he had classmates who were from Laguna and other provinces. However, he could not say for sure that non-Manila-based students can get accepted to MaSci. I still have to confirm this – MaSci’s website is down and I’m going to phone their Admissions office as soon as I am able.

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