kahit sobrang late na to, (as in sobra!), gusto ko pa ring mag-thank you sa acad clinic sa pagtulong sa kin sa pagpasa sa upcat. di ako nakasali sa mga review centers at self-study lang ako kaya naman ganun ako kasaya nung nakapasa ako. thanks sa mga tips at quizzes sa site nyo. ituloy nyo lang ang gnagawa nyo. patuloy nyong bigyan ng pag-asa ang mga gustong makapag-aral sa UP. thanks a lot! :D

by Angie Oruga on www.facebook.com/academic.clinic


There are documents of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for just about every conceivable topic on the planet.  It comes as no surprise that the University of the Philippines’ College Admissions Test (UPCAT) should also have some FAQs of its own.  After all, it’s one hot topic for prospective college students these days.

If you’re thinking of getting into U.P., it’s not only important to know what to expect from the UPCAT; it’s also important to know how to become eligible for the test itself.  Seek knowledge and ye shall find it—read on and be enlightened.

The FAQ of the Matter

If you’re looking for information on the entrance test, the most logical place to start would be the university’s very own website.  On it, you’ll find helpful links to PDF files about the UPCAT application process and then some.

If you’re after more general information about the UPCAT, you may find it on this webpage, or you can simply view this word document.  You’ll also find helpful links to the two uber-important UPCAT forms on the same page.  Form 1 refers to your freshman application per se; Form 2 deals more with your high school records.

Give Me Results!

Waiting for the results of an important exam can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in life.  Thankfully, there are websites who can and will keep you posted once the information becomes available.

One such website where you can find UPCAT results posted is this one right here:  To help make your search more efficient, this nifty name search engine also classifies the potential student under different categories:  pending, scholarship awardee and INTARMED candidate.

Miscellaneous Information

It’s one thing to know about what’s in the UPCAT, but it’s quite another thing to know where it will be held.  Consult this FAQ and be in the know of where the UPCAT testing centers are—it’s sorted by major Philippine island and by region so you’ll never be clueless again.

If the UP Diliman campus is your designated area, however, you’ll need help navigating your way around; especially if it’s your first time to visit it.  When I first dropped by that campus to follow up on my application, I found it terribly easy to get lost.  At the time, I didn’t have a UPCAT  map like this one to help me find my way to the College Admissions Office.

Finally, there are bits and pieces of information covered in this FAQ that aren’t covered in the other links presented above.  If you’re a foreign student, a graduate student or a transfer student, be sure to read it—it explains everything about qualifications and requirements for applicants like yourself.

A Final Word

Someone once told me that there is “no knowledge that is not power.”  Another person later came along and told me that it is the implementation of knowledge, not knowledge itself, which is power.

By now, you should be powerful enough, as you’ll be armed with everything you need to know regarding the UPCAT.  Pray, prepare, and then go out there and ace that exam!


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Please be advised. Thank you.

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