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Philippine Science, Manila Science and Quezon City Science Highschool Admissions

The world may be taking the necessary precautions against the A/H1N1 flu strain, another kind of “infection” seems to be running around these days: admission fever. Colleges and high schools, parents and students are preparing for the upcoming application processes and their accompanying exams.

While all schools generally follow the same basic formula, one will find slight variations of the practice depending on which institution they go to. Let’s take a look at the details of three high schools in particular: Philippine Science, Manila Science and Quezon City Science.

PhiSci, Masci and Quesci Admission Requirements

The documents needed for all three are standard fare: two ID pictures of the 1 x 1 variety, the original copy and a photocopy of the applicant’s report card, a completed application form and written certification from the student’s principal vouching for the student’s good moral character. .

All science high schools value physical and mental fitness—they’ll pay close attention to your current academic standing in particular. If you have an average of at least eighty-five in Mathematics, Science, and English for the first two quarters of the current academic year, plus at least an eighty-three in all other subjects, then you’re good to go.

Of the three schools, Philippine Science specifically targets the upper ten percent of the student hopeful’s graduating class. Those who don’t fall into this bracket may still apply, though, provided their grades and their letters of recommendation show evidence of consummate skill in the exact sciences.

Besides the requirements mentioned above, the schools generally won’t accept anyone who’ll be older than fifteen by the time the coming school year rolls in. Since there’s no such thing as a free lunch, potential students will also need to pay a one hundred to two hundred peso fee when they apply.

PhiSci, Masci and Quesci Entrance Exam Schedules

The thing to note about these science high schools is that, while their written requirements are largely the same, their testing schedules are not. For example, Philippine Science tends to hold its exams during the last quarter of the year, with the exam results released sometime February or March of the following year.  For more details, click here.

Manila Science, on the other hand, starts welcoming applications during the last two months of the year, with exams usually held on the first or second weekend of the January of the following year.  To see MaSci’s application schedule, click here.  Lastly, Quezon City Science starts giving out forms during the latter half of October and holds the first exam during the first Sunday of December. The second and third screenings take place in January and February, respectively.  QueSci’s application can be seen here.

Phisci, Masci and Quesci Entrance Exam Results Release

Looking for entrance exam results? They’ll likely come out some three to four weeks after the test is administered. Philippine Science and Manila Science will post them online and on the bulletin boards and gates of their school grounds. Quezon City Science doesn’t appear to have an official website as of the time of this article’s writing, so check the school’s guard house for test results.

Before you go running off to the three schools, a caveat: the schedules tend to vary from year to year, so it’s really tricky to pin down the exact dates for this year’s exams and their results’ release dates. The info on the schools’ official websites reveals the schedules of the previous year, which is no longer applicable.

The best thing to do would be to check with the folks at the admission offices of the schools themselves. They’ll be glad to help you out, if you ask them nicely enough.

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  1. After the interview, are we totally accepted as QueSci students? They won’t back us down anymore because we passed the first three screenings? Will they still check our grades? If our grades our low in sixth grade, they will not accept us anymoree..?? haha sorry 🙂

    • This article contains more information about Pisay. You’ll also find a link there that will take you to the contact information for Pisay campuses. Please call the campus nearest you for more detailed information about the PSHS-NCE.

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