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UPCAT Day Tips for UP Diliman Test Takers

upcat day tips

If you’re taking the UPCAT in UP Diliman, bear in mind the following tips:

  1. If you want to totally avoid the traffic jam, consider sleeping in the UP Hotel (formerly PCED Hostel).  This is inside the UP Campus, near Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall and Balay Kalinaw.
  2. There will be a lot of Food stands [Jolibee, Shakeys, McDo, etc] around the academic oval come UPCAT so don’t bother bringing lunch.  You’ll just regret it.  But if you want to sample great UP food, try the bbq at the Bbq House just off the Sunken Garden, the roast beef in the U.P. Law canteen, the shawarma from a Babba Shawarma stall at the UP Diliman Oval, the tapsilog in the Rodics canteen found inside the UP shopping center, or the Chix in a Basket in Choco Kiss that is located in the first and second floor of the Bahay ng Alumni.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask for directions if you’re lost!  Believe me, UP students have grown accustomed to it and nothing is dumber than trying to figure out UP on your own.  Just make sure not to ask co-UPCAT takers or it will be the blind leading the blind.  Oh and get 2 sets of directions [from 2 different people of course] before proceeding to walk; some students get a kick out of toying with obviously lost UPCAT takers.
  4. Don’t just sit anywhere –  especially those little huts with tables and concrete chairs.  Some of them are fraternity tambayans and you might find yourself becoming an instant neophyte. Rule of thumb, if there’s a logo, a corkboard or filing cabinets near where you’re sitting, chances are a student organization or a frat owns those chairs. [tell your parents about this, too]
  5. If you’re running late and still don’t know where your exam room is, don’t panic.  Start from near the Sunken Garden and ask for directions from there; all the exam buildings are generally within walking distance from this location.
  6. Watch out for UP students pretending to be UPCAT takers [yes, some of them have nothing better to do], they might end up having a barrel of laughs at your expense.
  7. Dont oogle over Oble, you might end up looking like a pervert. [and no, the “leaf” does not come off].

Fact is, your genius and all of your preparations may not win you the battle if you don’t take the time to know the battlegrounds beforehand.  So remember Waterloo and scout the territory before the big UPCAT day.


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