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The DLSUCET and DLSU Application Process

Ask any aspiring college student which university they’d like to attend and chances are high that De La Salle University (DLSU) is on their list.  As one who’s benefited from a hybrid education, I can understand why DLSU would be a prime candidate.

While DLSU is fair game for anyone who’s interested in studying there, the first thing that they have to do is to pass the university’s college entrance test-the DLSUCET (De La Salle University College Entrance Test).  Before we get into that, do know that the institution needs applicants to turn in several things first.

The Paperwork before the Paperwork

If you want to get a green signal for the DLSUCET, your first order of business is to fill out the DLSUCET application form.  You can get this form from either the DLSU official website or the university Admissions Office.  Upon completion of the form, the school will hand you your brochure.

There’s no reaping without sowing-so be sure to prepare the application fee beforehand.  DLSU will charge six hundred pesos (if you’re a Filipino citizen) or fifty US dollars (if you’re a foreign student).  This will cover everything from the application form to the actual processing of your exam.

The Devil is in the Details

Besides that, DLSU also requires a certified true copy of your secondary school records, a photocopy of your birth certificate and a couple of recommendation letters.

Please note that the school records I mentioned above should cover the period from your freshman high school year to your junior year.  Just ask your school registrar fro assistance with this particular DLSUCET requirement.

Regarding your recommendation letters, feel free to ask any of the following people to write them for you:  your high school guidance counselor, your class adviser or your high school principal.

Finally, the university also needs three identical pictures of your mug-size 2 x 2, to be precise.

Special Cases:  Transferees

Transfer students and international students have a little extra work to do when it comes to applying at DLSU.  Let’s take a look at each of them in turn.

DLSU Admissions will ask transferees for their Transcript of Records and a list of courses that they’ve already taken.  DLSU tends to frown on the following:  failing grades, incomplete grades or grade point averages (GPAs) that fall below the 85% mark or its equivalent.  Better make sure that your record is free of these eyesores.

Sound strict to you?  It is.  The good news is that DLSU may credit units from the applicants’ completed courses.  The catch is that the credited units can go no higher than twenty percent of the total unit number in the applicants’ course of choice.

Special Cases:  International Students

International applicants, on the other hand, will need to turn in both their high school records and their passports.  A photocopy of the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) may serve as an alternative to the birth certificate I mentioned previously.

It doesn’t end there, however.  Even if you pass the DLSUCET as an international student, you’ll still need to go for an interview with the coordinator of the school’s International and Graduate Student Services (IGSS).  All you have to do is to secure your clearance from him or her and then proceed as usual.

The Early Bird Special

As with most other things, being early has its advantages.  The scheduled date for your chance at the DLSUCET will ultimately depend on how soon you can turn in the paperwork, so be sure to get those documents in ASAP!

If you’ve already done so, just be patient and wait.  The school will inform you when it’s your turn to face the music (read:  tackle the DLSUCET), so until then, use your time constructively.


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Please be advised. Thank you.

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14 thoughts on “The DLSUCET and DLSU Application Process

  1. Hi… I went to school in South Africa and now I want to return to the Philippines for college. I want to attend DSLU. However, I am worried about the DSLUCET because I am not very fluent in Tagalog. Apparently there is a Filipino writing section in the exam. Will failing that part matter?

  2. Hello. I’m a Filipino that went to school in South Africa. I want to go to DSLU. However, I am worried about taking the DSLUCET because I am not very fluent in Tagalog. Apparently, there is a Filipino writing section in the exam. Will this hurt my chance to get into DSLU?

  3. hi i am a dual citizen coming from the states and want to study at dlsu. i didnt recieve good grades in highshool and wondering if they would even give me a chance to take the dlucet? and would i still need a secondary scho record? because i am showing them my transcript anyway which has it on there

  4. hello, i’m an incoming college freshmen student. i’m from Romblon Region 4B and we are not able to take exam due to long distance and classes. We’re really hoping an DLSUCET this summer. it’s undeniably a big help for students especially from far provinces. thank you.

  5. Hello there, I am in a crisis at this moment, can you guys help me? You see, I attended review classes last summer for DLSUCET, but I decided not to take the exam anymore when the entrance exam period is coming. The problem is, now, I am really hoping to go in DLSU since we bought a condo unit just a few minutes away, and it’s the nearest university I want. So are there any possibilities that I could still take the exam and be admitted? Please help me 🙁

  6. Hi, just out of curiousity, can a transferee be accepted w/o taking the exam given the fact that he/she passed the first dlsu-cet as incoming freshmen? I hope this gets an answer. Thank you.

  7. Hi, just out of curiousity, can a transferee be accepted w/o taking the exam given the fact that he/she passed the first dlsu-cet as incoming freshmen? I hope this gets an answer. Thank you 🙂

  8. Uhm, just wanted to ask something. You see I have a bit complicated situation here. I’m an incoming freshman sa UST and I wanted to transfer in DLSU at their 2nd term. Di kasi ako nakapasa sa DLSUCET and I’m planning to take it again. Di ako nakapagreview ng maayos so I failed. Tatanggapin kaya nila yung application ko even though nasa kalagitnaan pa ako ng semester sa UST? If not, can you please recommend me a way. Thanks much! Ü

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  10. Hi! I’m planning to transfer at DLSU this school year. I didn’t pass the DLSUCET last year and I was so disappointed. I will try again this year because I want to go there so badly. You have mentioned that being an “Early Bird” helps, but as much as I wanted to be one, my transcripts will be released on the last week of this month.The deadline of application is on April 16. Do you think I still have a better chance of getting into DLSU this time? I was DL last sem, hopefully this sem too. I’m from Miriam College, taking up Communication Arts. =)

    • @LEEA,

      Try – you’ve got nothing to lose. Let’s just hope for the best. With your scholastic records, DLSU should be proud to have you.

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