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Taking a Jeepney to UP Diliman

There are 4 external jeepney lines (that is, from outside campus to inside campus) inside the Univeristy of the Philippines Diliman.  If in doubt, take a jeepney from any one of these originating points – that is, get to any one of the following places and find the jeepney that will take you inside the UP Diliman Campus.

Pantranco to UP Diliman:

Take the Pantranco-UP Line (green jeepney).  The jeepneys originate from Pantranco (obviously) – that’s right near the San Francisco del Monte – Quezon Avenue intersection.  The jeep will stay on Quezon Avenue, exit to the Quezon City Circle and go through Philcoa into UP Diliman.

SM North to UP Diliman:

Take the SM north – UP line (green jeepney).  The jeepneys can be found in the jeepney and Tamaraw terminal inside SM City North Edsa.  This jeepney will pass through North Avenue, go right to Agham road (passing Philippine Science High School), exit to East Avenue, exit to the Quezon City Circle, take the Philcoa exit on to the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Philcoa Commonwealth to UP Diliman:

Take the Philcoa – UP line (green jeepney) that will take you inside the UP Diliman campus.  The terminal is found at the back of Jolibee Philcoa.

You can also stay under the Philcoa overpass and flag down a Pantranco and SM North jeepney.  You must know, however, that passengers in Philcoa are encouraged to take the Philcoa jeepneys.

Katipunan to UP Diliman:

If you’re anywhere in Katipunan, go to the jeepney terminal at the Katipunan-Aurora intersection to find the red Katipunan – UP line jeepneys.  Be sure to ask the driver whether he is going inside the campus or deliver passengers only up to the gate.  Take the jeepney that would go inside.  Otherwise, you’ll have to walk or ride an Ikot or Toki jeepney (both jeepneys are yellow) inside the campus.


Inside UP, there are two internal jeepney lines (they don’t go outside the campus; they just go round and round inside UP Diliman).  Both are yellow jeepneys although they use different routes.  They are the IKOT jeepney and the TOKI jeepney.   Obviously, the TOKI jeepney’s name is the reverse of IKOT – originally, the two lines went in completely opposite directions.  Now, however, their routes are just different (more different than opposing, that is).


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      If I remember correctly, the UP Engineering Theater is in Melchor Hall. The entrance, I believe, can be found on the third floor of the building. My recollection could be wrong so, when you get there, be sure to ask around for confirmation. 🙂

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