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Driving to UP Diliman for the UPCAT

If you are driving or are taking a taxi to UP Diliman to take the UPCAT, read on to learn about the UP Diliman Entry points.

Entry Points for students assigned to UP Diliman testing center:

If you’re coming from the Lagro-Fairview area [north], you can opt for the gate along commonwealth [this is somewhere across Iglesia ni Christo – Commonwealth] or the gate near Old Balara which you can reach by going left in Tandang Sora intersection [under the Commonwealth-Tandang Sora flyover ].  The Balara gate is just accross the Maynilad water treatment complex.

If you’re coming from the Manila area [Q. Ave, Sta. Ana, Recto, Taft, Monumento, etc], be warned that Philcoa will be locked in bumper to bumper traffic at least 2 hours before the exams.  Here are your options:

  • You can go directly to the university main gate (this will take you from Philcoa through the University Avenue to the UP administration building where the copy of Oble stands guard)
  • You can use the entrance accross Iglesia ni Kristo in Commonwealth
  • You can also exit at the “Housing” in QC, pass through UP village to Krus na Ligas, go across CP Garcia, then use the CP Garcia entrance to enter UP Diliman.

If you’re coming from the east [Marikina, Antipolo, C5, Angono, etc] you can:

  • Drive straight to Philcoa
  • Go through Katipunan Ave [which will also be jammed in traffic] towards the CP Garcia or Old Balara Gate.
  • Take the circuitous route through Aurora and/or through Sikatuna Village to get to Krus na Ligas and through the CP Garcia Gate.

If you’re coming from the south, all of the above mentioned options are available to you.

Confusing right?  Just remember this.  It doesn’t really matter much where you’re coming from.  Just get to any one of the following entry points.

UP Diliman entry points:

Main Gate: This is found in Philcoa, right after Jollibee.  Instead of going left to Commonwealth, drive straight through to the University Avenue.

Commonwealth Gate (also known as Central): From Philcoa, take a left to Commonwealth Avenue.  Drive on until before you reach the first Overpass (landmark:  Iglesia ni Kristo Commonwealth at the left side of the avenue), and slow down to take a right to exit Commonwealth and enter UP Diliman.

Old Balara Gates: There are two gates along Old Balara.  One is right across Maynilad Water; the other one is just after the UP Integrated School if you’re coming from Katipunan.

CP Garcia Gates: Just get to C.P. Garcia (either from Krus na LIgas, UP Village, Katipunan Avenue, or by taking the first right along the University Avenue if you’re from Philcoa) and take one of these four entry points:  Assuming you’ve taken the CP Garcia turnoff from Katipunan Avenue, the entry points will be to your left and are ordered as follows:

  • The turnoff to the UP Math building.  This is found immediately after you get on CP Garcia so be on the lookout.  If this is closed, try the next one.
  • The main CP Garcia entry point.  There’s a guardhouse at the middle of two lanes (one for each coming and going).  Take this right and the first building to the right that you will pass is the NIGS building.
  • Another alternative CP Garcia entry point:  After the main CP Garcia entry point, look out for a side-street on your right (it’s a one-way street).  If you follow it, you’ll end up near the UP Registrar’s Office, NISMED, and the back of the Vargas Museum.
  • The last CP Garcia entry point:  This is another two-lane, albeit much smaller road.  You’ll see yellow-roofed jeepneys coming out of this road.  This road is also across the Krus na Ligas playground.


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