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BS Accounting: Skills and Factors

In a previous article, I told the story of an accountant whom my former boss had hired to help us get our financial records in order.  As I observed her work, one question burned feverishly in my brain. How does … Continue reading

BS Accounting: Course Description

It’s said that if you opt to do what no one wants to do, then you’ve got yourself a job.  I clearly remember one of the people whom my former boss hired:  she was an auditor, and she was supposed … Continue reading

BS Business Administration: Skills and Factors

When I was a teenager, my father encouraged me to take a business-related college course like BS Business Administration.  I knew he wanted me to follow in his footsteps, but I respectfully declined and marched to the beat of a … Continue reading

BS Business Administration: Course Description

Most of us know what it’s like to work for someone else.  Not everyone likes to work for a boss, though.  There are some people who prefer to be their own boss, which is why they run businesses of their … Continue reading

BS Computer Engineering: Skills and Factors

My friend Tom is a computer engineer by trade.  He’s an interesting, eccentric fellow, and I’ve sometimes found myself wondering if his traits are solely his own, or if they’re common to all or most people of his profession. It’s … Continue reading

BS Computer Engineering: Course Description

If you’re interested in pursuing a tech-related career, computer science (CS) and information technology (IT) are two good options.  What if you’re not really into either one, though?  Fortunately for you, a third option exists—that of computer engineering. If you’re … Continue reading

BS Computer Science: Skills and Factors

Stereotyping other people is an unconscious bad habit that we too often develop.  For example, if you’re like me, you probably think of computer science (CS) majors as geeks. There are many sides to these students and professionals, however, and … Continue reading

BS Computer Science: Course Description

When I think of science, images of a neat, organized system of steps involving computers usually come to mind.  After all, a science is science, whether it’s working with animals or people or machines, right? There’s only one real way … Continue reading

Looking Ahead to a Recession-Proof Career

At some point in their lives, students can’t help but think about their future and what careers they’re going to pursue.  No time is it more significant than today, with the shape that the global economy is in. The good … Continue reading

UPCAT Tip: What is the University Predicted Grade

What is the UPG and how does it affect your UPCAT result? Continue reading